Friday, 6 December 2013

6th December, 2013
(via e-mail)
Dear Lois, Robert, Llyris and Joan,

Thank you very much for your kind words and for the blog, we do feel encouraged and more committed to excellence when our clients give us such a feed back.

I guess you understood the complexity of the Cuban travel services’ system, and focused more on the good things and the unique values my island has ( its people above all, but also a colourful culture and idiosyncrasy resulting of a very rich history ).
Making travel arrangements for people like you, is always the most rewarding task in our job. You have got the spirit of the real travelers, you carry the flag with the heritage of the greatest are the kind of travelers that make the difference, the ones that connect different cultures, customs and knowledge between human societies and worlds. This is the ultimate purpose of travel, and unfortunately not everybody understand it. Thanks for coming to my country, and thanks for integrating with my people to learn and teach at the same time.
By the way, I have just learned about the passing away of Nelson Mandela. I think we humans are far from being perfect, but he was in my opinion a very honest person, devoted to what he believed in, and above all...devoted to build a great nation including all its people. I am sure your beautiful country will carry on with the task of reconciliation and integration, and will continue to impress the world with a project of such magnitude.
One last thing, I kindly ask for your permission to put part of your email in our website testimonials section, including a link to your blog. Please tell me if this OK.

Receive my warmest regards and consider us at your absolute disposal any time,

Best wishes,