Wednesday, 4 December 2013

15th November, 2013
Heading for Havana

Like homing pigeons we found our way back to Havana after spending most of the day in Veradero. The weather was grotty, so the beach was out of the question. We drove down to the end of the peninsula, open mouthed at the volume of accommodation available, with construction continuing. I can't even imagine what it must be like in high season.

The impressive Mansion Zanadu, formerly owned from 1920-50 by American millionaire Alfred Irenee Dupont. Now a restaurant with limited accommodation. Close by is the Varadero Golf Course, a big draw card for tourists. 

They are many 'flea markets' each selling the same things (just like Africa). We found a young jeweller and his father who make bracelets from old silver forks and spoons. The son was the Cuban backstroke champ for 6 years.

Before leaving the peninsula we sat on the curb with all the karrietjie mense (Cuba's version of horse cart drivers!) and ate pork, rice, sweet potatoes, green and black beans, a hearty meal for 3CUC (R30).

Hair raising street dining. Acutally I am talking nonsense. 
Just jealous of Llyris' abundant curls.

We settled into the Park View Hotel, our home for the next 3 nights. Rob had met a young artist 2 weeks ago called Jose Claudio Rodriguez Liy and was still keen to buy his paintings. We eventually found his gallery and between us all we bought 5 pieces. In order to ‘export’ art from Cuba you need to get a permit which has to be declared at the airport.

 Desperate to eat something different we tried to find a restaurant that offered some variety, but settled for an average meal at the hotel.

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