Monday, 2 December 2013

9th November, 2013.
Living with a Cuban family means just that. Warts and all.

In the morning the neighbours got together and washed our car - making it look as good as new. They were thrilled with the 3CUC we gave them, but maybe it was because they thought we were making the neighbourhood look untidy.
We stopped on the road and had coconuts. A thrill as these were the first we had seen on this tropical island.

 On our way out of SdC we stopped at the garage where we lost our petrol money and gave them a piece of our tourist mind. Glad to get that off our chest we headed out on the 3 hour drive to Holgiun.

Today we got a good taste of what casa particulars are all about. Living with a Cuban family means just that. Warts and all. Limited accommodation, sharing bathrooms, a neighbourhood that seems a little rowdy. No 258 was arranged by Carolina. Our host, Santiago and his lovely wife Consuela are doing their best to be the best. He got a little overpowering and being an engineer was quite fastidious. We had lobster for dinner which was obviously a treat, but came at a price (12CUC/ R120). Perhaps cheap for lobster but each meal is starting to add up and making our eating out budget a little pricey. It is important that you get referrals from a trusted source for your accommodation.
Look out for the Blue Anchor signs to indicate the Casa Particulars.
It is recommended that you get trusted referrals for accommodation.

 We went to the beach at Guardalava, bathing with Cubans of every shape and size (and in various states of undress). The beach is beautiful -white sand and aqua blue water. Just as I piped up about the thrill of no beach boys, what appeared to be a lifesaver, tried to sell us cigars. Carolina had packed our left over dinner in a cardboard box and we sat like stray dogs with our plastic spoon, scooping rice, chicken and prawns from our ‘doggie-box’. Rob joined a collection of beach singers. We couldn’t figure out if they were friends or enemies – exploding periodically, forcing the security guards to make peace. Topless ladies swanned around totally uninhibited. Llyris paraded in her South African flag shorts. No-one recognised her at all!
Llyris eating out of our 'doggie box'.
Flying the flag in Guardalava
Address: apartment 3, 258 N Lopez, 2 do Piso, Holguin. Hosts: Santiago and Consuela.

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