Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Yank Tanks

We have put together a collection of Cuban cars.
(Thanks Llyris and Joan!) 

Please don't ask me what they are. 
I am a girl and haven't a clue.

To look less car-silly I have extracted this from Wikipedia!

Yank tank or máquina are the words used to describe the many classic cars (eg: 1957 Chevrolet, 1953 Ford, 1958 Dodge, etc.)  in Cuba with an estimated 60,000 of them driving the roads. In 1962 a United States embargo against Cuba was introduced, cutting trade between the two countries, meaning that the cars in Cuba could no longer receive new replacement parts. The only way to keep these cars on the road is by using Cuban ingenuity to adapt household products and Soviet technology. If a car is unable to be repaired, it is usually either “parked” for future repair or “parted out” (to produce extra income for the owner’s family) so that other cars can remain on the road. During the years of Soviet Union influence on Cuba, Ladas, Moskvitchs and Volgas became the main cars imported by the communist regime mainly for state use. As a result of these internal economic restrictions, there is no such thing as a new or used private European or Asian automotive dealership branch in Cuba for independent purchasing by regular Cubans.

Currently, it is estimated that there are some 173,000 cars in Cuba, of these it is unknown how many are yank tanks and considered road worthy.

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